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Creator-based production

People-first content creators.

Ilm Production is creator-based production founded by Euphorya in the year 2014 & based in Singapore. Sharing valuable knowledge of Islamic content through multiple social media platforms, which will be an invaluable source of knowledge, inspiration, and reminder.

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Value Added

Creative value for inspiring speakers & founders.

Our aim is to inspire and empower audiences to think, reflect and learn from the knowledge through our creative work and ideas. Our goal is to encourage people to develop themselves intellectually, respect other people, and contribute to society. We share a greater vision to empower today's audience to make positive changes in their lives.

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Creator's Story

Experienced volunteers & freelancers.

The gig economy can be stressful for us, especially dealing with projects and offering services to others. Our goal is to focus on creators economy & to able to monetize our skills with the freedom to work when we choose. Our team has been working remotely async since 2014 and ever since the covid-19 pandemic, we don't provide any audio or video production services anymore to companies or organizations.


Creating Originals

Content-on-demand creators.

Our goal is to help other inspiring speakers & founders get paid per project when working with us together. We also provide customers ad-slot on our content, sponsor our series of content, supporting us by tipping monthly or annually for our creative work.

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By supporting us you are enabling our content to grow and let the beneficial knowledge spread further.