Productize Yourself: How i made my first dollar

make money on the side as a creator.

One of those days you try to create something. You get stuck but you want to build something quickly and have fun. The main goal is to start, finish it and not get stuck and make money. A lot of people I know around my circles love to build side-projects, but always got stuck with monetization & difficult to get their first 5-10 sales or users. Is easy to start creating content today and get inspired by others or is it a distraction?

It all started from tipping commission to growing MVP, Fajar Siddiq As A Service - Productize Service “Yourself”. Mainly focusing on building content, communities, microstartups, feedback & reviews.

What is MVP?
A minimum viable product (MVP) is a version of a product with just enough features to be usable by early customers who can then provide feedback for future product development. Read source.

What is Productize Service?
A productized service offers a specialized “done for you” solution with a compelling value proposition, packaged at a set price and scope. Good for agencies, small businesses & remote companies. Read source.

How to Productize Yourself?
Figure out what you're uniquely good at, and apply as much leverage as possible. Read source.

  1. Have conversations that help people
  2. Create content that helps people.
  3. Build a product that helps people.
    You → conversations → insights → content → audience → product.

What tools can we use to monetize to begin as creators? (connect with Stripe or Paypal) - recommended
You can use it for memberships to earn recurring revenue & share exclusives.
You can also use extras for digital downloads, art commissions, book a zoom call, and more.

I also wrote a short story on my journey back in the year 2018 I got active online in makers communities. It was the most memorable time and it changes my life in my entrepreneurship journey. I was already making money in 2005 started as a freelance designer. Since then in 2011 till now I run a design agency doing website, graphic designs & other creative work till the year 2018. I was burnout, diagnosed with Type-2 diabetes and reversing it then Covid-19 Pandemic and manage to get do every 3 months medical appointments. I continue to learn & help others as well through FaaS - Fajar Siddiq as a service. Thanks to the makers around the world I met on Twitter. They inspire me and I made my first dollar by productizing myself with my skills and experience.

I also provide consultation for 15mins or 30mins on Superpeer For more, you can read the short write-up and screenshot of my stats, views & total earnings.

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